Mwenefumbo Demands Apology From MCP Over Character Assassination


Member of Parliament for Karonga Central Frank Mwenifumbo is demanding a written apology from the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for character assassination failing which a legal action shall be taken.

He shot the warning at a press briefing at Mikoma Lodge in Karonga.

MCP, through its Karonga District Chairperson, Emmanuel James Nkhoma accused Mwenifumbo of rigging during the forthcoming tripartite elections.

Nkhoma logged a complaint to multiparty liaison committee and Malawi Electoral Commission accusing Mwenifumbo of ferrying people to his lodge from Karonga North Constituency; a move that MCP suspects that he was transferring people from the other constituencies to vote for him in the May 21, 2019 elections.

But Mwenefumbo rubbished the allegations describing the MCP as bent on destroying his image and sticking to its old undemocratic tendencies.

“It is unfortunate the party is still practicing politics of suspicions, speculation a and vendetta. We thought MCP changed and people began giving it some benefit of doubt but now we see they are still stuck in the past,” said Mwenefumbo.

He threatened to drag the party to court if it does not apologize for character assassination.

He feared the allegations have potential to bring disorder in his constituency and nation at large ahead of the polls.

Responding on the issue, Karonga District MCP Chairperson, Emmanuel James Nkhoma said the party could not apologise as he had already verbally done so.

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