HRDC Loses Confidence in Mutharika, Police Chief

President Peter Mutharika has a lot to convince Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) that he is still under control managing state affairs as the latter has vowed to go ahead with its planned demonstrations in March this year citing failure by his Democratic Progressive Party-DPP led administration in addressing myriad challenges haunting the nation.

The grouping accuse Mutharika of presiding over and partaking in organized theft, fraud and corruption with little action to prove his commitment in eliminating such.

Addressing journalists in Lilongwe on Friday, the grouping doubted if Mutharika would meaningfully attend to their presented concerns in previous demonstrations and communications with his office.

“We at HRDC take this opportunity to set the record straight, here and now, that we will not nor be intimidated to speak truth to power.

We denounce the Democratic
Progressive Party orchestrated executive thieving, corruption and impunity. Were-
register our concern that the DPP led government continues to shamelessly burry its head and remain clueless as to how to address the numerous governance, legal, social, economic and development challenges that Malawians are wallowing in,”reads a strong worded statement HRDC has released signed by its chairperson, Timothy Mtambo and his deputy, Gift Trapence.

The grouping doubts if Mutharika will respond to a reminder it sent him a week a go bordering on governance and rule of law.

“While we gave him 20 days to respond,which we doubt if at all he is going to do,thanks to his arrogance,we
for the sake of records take this opportunity to remind him of his obligation to address the issues as raised in the petition,” it adds.

HRDC has cited several areas they think President Mutharika is doing little to address and these include attacks and abductions of persons with albinism, worsening organized corruption such as the 145 million kwacha scam that implicates the Malawi leader himself.

However, HRDC seems bitter with the relaxed approach employed by President Mutharika and his Police Chief, Rodney Jose on undemocratic spates of political violence allegedly orchestrated by cadets for the governing DPP.

“While every Malawian has a duty in curbing political violence,we at HRDC find it disturbing that duty bearers including the State President, Malawi Police Service led by Mr.RodneyJose, various political party leaders,the Malawi Electoral Commission have taken too long to speak against this vice. While we acknowledge that after a very loud outcry from different stakeholders the State President through his spokesperson has spoken against the vice. We find his approach and voice too weak and shallow to drive the message home.

” It is in our considered view that the president should have personally addressed the nation and directly rebuked his DPP cadets in the face and call them to stop political violence forthwith. We demand the State President to openly acknowledge that his DPP cadets
have suddenly become untouchable that the Malawi Police Service cannot effect arrests on them without burning their fingers,” continues the statement.

The vocal human rights body thinks police under the leadership of Jose has become redundant and clueless in dealing with the increasing political violent acts.

It accuses the police of practicing partisan politics and failing to rise to the occasion; adding José has failed to provide the much needed decisive leadership in addressing the political violence that has become more prominently as the 21 May polls draw closer.

“We have lost trust in the Malawi Police Service and therefore call for immediate
resignation of Rodney Jose to pave way for someone with the guts and stamina to
address these violence once and for all having noted that the Malawi Police Service into a politically induced coma.

” In the same vein, we implore all political parties to call upon their supporter to refrain from any form. Political party leaders should forthwith stop sponsoring intra-party and inter-party violence,” warns HRDC.

The grouping has vowed to mobilize Malawians to hold anti-government protests in March, two months to elections if Mutharika fails to take heed of their demands.

This comes a day after Mutharika through his spokesperson, Mgeme Kalilani condemned the political violence that has seen UTM and Malawi Congress Party members victim of the malpractice.

Mutharika called for a serious crackdown against those perpetrating the undemocratic acts of violence on innocent Malawians.

Previously, Mutharika accused the civil society leaders of being agents of the opposition trying to topple his government.

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