Aspiring Independent MP, Councillor Pledges No Support to Presidential Candidates.

The would-be self-governing Member of Parliament (MP) for Chitipa Central Constituency, Anubwila Musongole and Councillor Wedson Sinkhonde for Yamba Ward have vowed not to rally behind any aspiring presidential candidate ahead of this year’s May general elections once campaign opens.

The two candidates said the move is for their own future good as to which political party to work with once ushered into power.

“We don’t want to block our future once we sail through, we don’t know who will carry the day come 21st May 2019, so we cannot talk bad of a particular aspiring president together with his or her party. It will be an embarrassment to join government of the day in the future whilst we were decampaigning them during campaign,” said Musongole.

Sinkhonde said they were optimistic of carrying the day during the polls hence no need to frustrate their future of joining the ruling party.

“It is already in our plan that once voted into power we will not delay joining government and work with them for the betterment of our people in our communities in as far as developments are concern,” chipped in Sinkhonde.

Musongole has already constructed five small bridges amounting to about 1.5 Million Malawi Kwacha in total.

The two candidates failed to make it in 2014 tripartite general elections whilst with the then ruling political party, Peoples Party (PP) when they all lost to the current Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) MP, Clement Fukumele Mukumbwa and Councillor Davis Silwimba respectively.

Picture above shows Sinkhonde and Musongole.

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