“50/50 campaign let me down once, never again” -DPP Aspirant for Mwanza

Democratic Progressive Party-DPP Parliamentary aspirant for Mwanza West says it is very hard for her to work with any organization supporting women politicians because according to her they are just time wasters.

Joyce Chitsulo, a second time aspirant for Mwanza West Constituency says the organizations do not meet aspirants’ expectations before, during and after elections.

“I personally do not need 50/50 campaign to win the upcoming Tripartite Elections. I need resources that will compliment mine to serve my constituency better not a day-long lecture on how to win elections ‘by just being a woman’.

“I won primaries on my own, and i am optimistic it was not a sympathy vote. They never came to my constituency to help me reach out to my constituents or assist me to deliver messages as to why they should vote for a woman. I did all that by myself, so what exactly are they there for?” wondered Chitsulo.

She cited Ligowe Community Development Organization (LICODO) as one of the organizations that failed her morally and financially.

Said Chitsulo: “The only thing I remember to have ever received from them in 2014 is 100 t-shirts. Monetary wise, they promised a refund which does not really make sense. How would they know how much one has spent for the elections?

“The worst they did was to make my constituents think I received a lot of money from them yet it was them being on financer’s payroll and allowances. The only way to convince me to work with them this time around is by showing me their strategy. Otherwise there is nothing new they can tell me that I do not know,” she emphasized.

Meanwhile, Ligowe Community Development Organization Program manager Esther Makiseni Nyundo confirmed to have worked with Chitsulo before and says she indeed has showed not to work with her organization anymore.

“It is true we worked with her in 2014 but she blames us for her loss. So, we will respect her decision of not including her in our operations,” said Nyundo.

She however disclosed that her organization received K18 Million from Norwegian Embassy to run the 50/50 campaign in Mwanza and Neno districts.

Chitsulo is the only female candidate who will face six giants including the incumbent UTM’s Paul Chibingu in May’s Tripartite Elections.

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